Furnishing A Small Apartment Living Room

If you have just signed a lease to move into an apartment unit that does not have a lot of living room space, you will want to start furnishing the area in a way where you will still be able to walk around comfortably. It can be difficult to furnish a small area if you do not map out the area so that everything will fit properly. Here are some tips you can use to make the most of the space you are allotted.

Start With Paint

The first thing you should do before moving furniture into your new home, would be to repaint the walls inside the unit. Check with your landlord to make sure it would be alright to recolor the walls before undertaking the project. Stick with neutral tones as these will help enhance the area, making it appear as if the rooms are larger than they are in actuality. 

Choose Your Pieces

Measure the room so you are aware of exactly how much space you have to work with. When selecting furniture for your apartment, pick items that are absolute necessities first. Buying items from furniture stores that serve dual purposes will help save money and space. When selecting a couch, decide if you really need a longer seating area or if you can get by with purchasing a love seat or armchair instead.

Ottomans can be used for extra seating if needed. The newest models have cushions on each side that detach. Inside the ottoman are four racks that are used to place the cushion on top of, giving you a total of five extra seats if you have guests. Another idea is selecting a coffee table that has shelving underneath to house your books and magazines. This will give you a storage area underneath your table, utilizing space that is often overlooked.

Using Every Space

When decorating your living area, utilizing the area on your walls can help give you the desired look without wasting valuable space in the middle of the room. Add some corner shelving to place knickknacks and photographs. If you have a fireplace, make sure you have a mantel to place decorations that will give your living room an appealing homey look. Place candles and mementos over the fireplace to be enjoyed by guests that visit.

Instead of wasting space with extra lamps on tables, invest in some overhead lighting or lighting that can be placed upon walls. Add a large mirror to a wall to help give your room an enlarged appearance.