Elegant Designs For A Studio Apartment

When it comes to inhabiting a studio apartment, living large can be a challenge. There simply doesn't seem to be enough space for both living and entertaining. No need to channel a college dorm when decorating your studio apartment, though. Instead, utilize elegant design while making the space do double duty.

Cabinet Bed

The centerpiece of any bedroom is the bed. However, when all you have is the one room, the bed tends to take that over as well. Instead, hide your bed in a cabinet. Cabinet beds are the easy alternative to Murphy beds, which have to be installed in the wall. Instead, the bed folds up neatly inside a cabinet. Select a stream-lined style of cabinet in either natural wood or a light color to promote the feeling of space in your studio apartment. A company like Innovative Sleep Solutions can help you find the right kind of cabinet bed for your space.

Scaled Sofa

A sofa is a classic living room fixture. Yet, like the bed, a sofa takes center stage. Instead of a bulky living room sofa, look for a scaled down model. Avoid the overstuffed variety as they take up visual space. Instead, look for one elevated slightly on spindly legs – think mid-century modern. The area under the sofa can not only promote the feeling of space but can also hide additional storage. For color, again opt for light or neutral.

Area Rug

One challenge for studio apartments is delineating space. Let a studio rug create that distinction of space. In this case, select a bolder pattern, such as zebra print, to lend your apartment a chic air. Place the rug so that the sofa rests on top of a corner but so that it's free of your cabinet bed. This setup creates the illusion of separate rooms.

Ghost Furniture

There's no need to eliminate creature comforts such as a coffee table or end tables. Instead, select what Home and Garden TV calls "ghost furniture." Look for clear glass or vinyl tables. Not only do such tables take up less visual space, they refract the light, thus making the room seem larger. As an added bonus, lightweight tables are easy to move when it's time to roll out your cabinet bed.

Roll Up Shades

Speaking of promoting an airy ambiance in your studio apartment, Elle Décor suggests replacing standard blinds or curtains with roll up solar shades. Solar shades are a subtle way to diffuse the light. Such a setup means you hardly notice the window treatments, thus creating a seamless transition between the outdoors and indoors.

Utilize multi-tasking furniture such as a cabinet bed coupled with scaled options to create stylish yet functional décor for your studio apartment.