The Best Ways To Protect And Package Your Valuables While You Move

Protecting and packaging your valuables to make sure they move with you in one piece is an important part of your new transition. Between organizing services and actually transporting your life to another location, packaging your things may be the most difficult part of the journey. So if you want to make sure your valuables don't become damaged in the process of moving, here's a few ways you can ensure safe travels for all.

Organize, Organize, Organize

And then organize again. Organizing your goods is important not just for the sake of knowing where your goods are when you get to your new home; it's crucial to making sure you package efficiently and with minimal damage. Consider packaging your breakable items, like glassware and miniature teapot collection, away from your husband's bowling ball bag or fishing gear. Though it seems like a given, some movers will want to toss anything in a box to get it out of sight. The best thing to do before you actually put things into a box is to segregate.

Use The Right Tools

The right tools for moving involve packaging materials and sturdy receptacles. Finding boxes or containers that are inherently more protective than cardboard, like milk crates, plastic bins, or metal boxes, can help you package delicate items with less of a chance of getting crushed under appliances or furniture on the road. When you need to rely on cardboard, try to find heavy-duty corrugated boxes that are resistant to crushing or punctures.

Beyond boxes, you need to envelop items in a secure sea of packaging materials. Perforated and non-perforated foam rolls are an affordable and easy way to package everything, from your furniture legs to individual plates and stemware. Convoluted foam, or "egg crate" foam, is another tool you need for protecting electronics, fine art, and valuables that can't easily be packaged in boxes or with other items. And if you need to transport delicate items that need their own containment without a box, foam tubing can cradle it in a protective sheath that fits perfectly in the corner of your moving van. Though packaging your delicate items in paper is one way to travel, foam is the best insurance against impact and crushing when things shift along your journey.

A company like Sureline Foam Products in Calgary can help you pick the best packaging materials to keep your belongings safe.

Pack Sensibly

Once you've got your goods individually protected and tucked away in boxes, you need to make an effort to pack sensibly. If you are responsible for packing or if you're dictating to moving personnel where to store things, try to use furniture and heavy loads as a base for breakables, electronics, antiques, and more valuable items in boxes on top. Though foam and corrugated boxes do a great job of protecting your things, they are still susceptible to prolonged periods of weight and a crushing blow of falling items.