Furnishing A Small Apartment Living Room

If you have just signed a lease to move into an apartment unit that does not have a lot of living room space, you will want to start furnishing the area in a way where you will still be able to walk around comfortably. It can be difficult to furnish a small area if you do not map out the area so that everything will fit properly. Here are some tips you can use to make the most of the space you are allotted. [Read More]

How To Save Your Dining Room From Your Dog's Teeth

Getting a new dog or puppy that likes chewing on hard surfaces can do a number on your dining room furniture behind your back. The furniture used in dining rooms is typically made out of wood, which relieves pressure for teething puppies, and presents more of a challenge to older dogs who never learned what they can and cannot gnaw on, especially if they become bored. Table and chair legs make easy targets, as do corners that dogs can easily get their mouth around. [Read More]